Superfluous Simile Saturday

Superfluous Simile Saturday

WordsAlthough I don’t really use similes as much as metaphors in my writing, I think coming up with them is kind of fun. So here is yet another blog post dedicated to writing something specific on a specific day. We already have WWW: Wondrous Word Wednesday. Today will become Superfluous Simile Saturday. Here are some similes my debate students and judges jokingly came up with today.

Jamie: I am as tired as a teen in church.

Duncan claims he is as hungry as a hippo. (lol. Clever! A simile and a pun!)

Trevor is happy as Teddy with a lint roller.

Hmmm. Not the best examples I’ve heard. I think my kids are trying too hard! Let’s see what you come up with. Post your favorite similes in the comments or make sure that you add them to your own writing. Have fun!

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